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“Oren Zarif saved me from having surgery on my hand!”

Jacqueline K. suffered from a gland that was continually swelling, and she was about to undergo complicated surgery. Treatments from Oren Zarif achieved the unbelievable - the gland vanished

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צד שמאל ג'קוורי

The method of treatment of Oren Zarif

The method of treatment of Oren Zarif

They call him "ET, the therapist from another planet". The man that makes the impossible – possible and cures the most serious diseases, after the doctors have already despaired and given up.

Thousands of patients admit that Zarif saved their lives. His clinic is fully booked and entire streets have been blocked for traffic.
"I've arrived after suffering a stroke, today I can walk!", says Ida.

Thousands of patients, professors, doctors and men of science are bewildered due to Zarif's uncanny success. Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinsons, strokes, serious orthopedic conditions, blood blockage on the verge of amputation, heart conditions, blindness and more:

Some medical problem
Oren Zarif stars in the “Machsanei Te’ura” campaign, and donates all of his earnings
The entire sum he received was donated to the “Chaim” (Life) Association for cancer patients.

Success Stories

Rehabilitated after a severe stroke, thanks to treatments using the sub-conscious

Doctors did not give Ida Mahlouf any hope of recovery, But her son would not give up, and almost a year ago he brought her by ambulance to Oren Zariffs clinic. A year later she attests: Oren rehabilitated me, I can function again and I feel fantastic!

“Oren Zarif Saved from Womb Cancer”

The dentist Dr. Jenia Lapski came to the clinic of the famous healer through the subconscious – and was amazed by the results

“Oren Zarif got me out of my wheelchair!”

Ludmilla G. was wheel-chair bound after suffering a stroke. Today she can walk with a stick, and can even climb the stairs

“I was scared that I would remain an invalid for life - but thanks to Oren Zarif I’m walking, without surgery!”

Dov R. was scheduled for complicated surgery on his legs, but instead of that he came for treatment of the subconscious - and once again he was able to walk

was blinded by Diabetes - and his vision returned!

Noach A. lost the sight in both of his eyes * his friend convinced him to come for treatment with Oren Zarif - and the sight in his left eye returned!

“Oren Zarif cured me of a ruptured disc”

Orthopedic surgeons had told Pini nothing could be done but after treatments with Oren Zarif the problem disappeared

“The Baby was named after Oren Zarif!”

Yifat had a lot of difficulty becoming pregnant, and she turned to Oren Zarif. 3 weeks later - she was pregnant… Last month her first son was born, and his name in Israel is: Oren David. Congratulations!

“My Toe was Saved from Amputation!”

Galina, a diabetic, suffered from gangrene on her toe and the doctors told her that they would have to amputate it. Following treatments from Oren Zarif - the gangrene disappeared and the toe was saved!

“For two years we were undergoing fertility treatments, and only thanks to Oren Zarif I was able to become pregnant!”

Alram and Julius returned to Oren’s clinic delighted, and brought with them the ultrasound images of the fetus

“Dr. Bergner: “I warmly recommend Oren Zarif’s method!”

Dentist Dr. M. Bergner declares: “My condition is much better thanks to treatments of the subconscious” * I have no explanation, but it is the result that sets the rule - and the result is splendid!”

Dr. Rosslan: “Oren Zarif’s successful treatments speak for themselves”

“Treatment using the sub-conscious helped me lose weight and helped my mother get rid of the pains in her legs,” says anesthesiologist* Dr. Rosslan. “I don’t know how Zarif does it, but he manages to help people”

Dr Wolch: “Oren Zarif Made My Pain Disappear!”

Dr. Anna Wolch, general practitioner: “I suffered from spinal problems and a ruptured disc. Conventional treatment could not help me..Only Oren Zarif succeeded.”

Prof. Veinstein: “Oren Zarif’s Treatment Helped Me and It's a Fact!”

Head of the Midwife and Gynecology Ward, in the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, came to a treatment by Oren Zarif. The treatment worked and Prof. Veinstein recommends everyone to combine conventional medicine with Oren Zarif’s therapy

“The singer Laila Malcus: Oren is an amazing man who set my career in the right direction”

The new admirer of the therapist through the powers of the subconscious:” Zarif is my spiritual guide and I consult him regarding every professional step

“Dr. Bahir: Oren has tremendous importance with regard to problems where the dominant component is emotional”

Dr. Bahir, a Specialist in Pediatrics: “There is room to combine alternative medicine with conventional medicine - and that includes Oren Zarif”

“Oren Zarif made my eyesight better!”

Malca G. suffered from serious deterioration of her eye-sight, and the Eye Doctor told her that he was unable to help her any more. * “I was completely surprised”, she declares. “Oren performed Miracles and Wonders”.

Football Player in the Israeli National Team, Toto Tamuz: “I recovered from my injury thanks to Oren Zarif”

Toto Tamuz, a footballer with the Beitar Jerusalem Team, suffered from a serious injury to his ankle and was just about to travel to a medical Specialist, a Professor in Belgium * But one day after he was treated by Oren Zarif - he returned to football practice as if he’d never been injured!

"The lump in my breast disappeared without a trace!"

Betty K. had been having follow-up mammographies for 5 years after a lump was discovered in one of her breasts. Two months ago she decided to visit Oren Zarif, and after a number of treatments her doctors were astonished when tests showed categorically that the lump had disappeared!

“Retired Deputy Inspector General Yoram Rodman:

Deputy Inspector General Rodman, previously the National Commander of the International Division for Investigations, recommends treating the subconscious.

“Oren Zarif saved me from back surgery!”

luba from Ashdod suffered back pain that left her bedridden, and the doctors told her surgery was the only alternative. “After four treatments with Oren Zarif, however, I felt a difference,” she said, “He performed a miracle.”

"Just on the verge of giving me my anesthetic, doctors were amazed to discover that the stone had disappeared"

Bella M. from Rishon Lezion had a stone in her kidney that was causing her pain, and had been referred to the hospital for shock- wave treatment to break it up. After being treated by Oren Zarif, she turned up for her hospital appointment – and gave everyone a big surprise

Prof. Oron: "Oren Zarif is an amazing natural phenomenon!"

A. Oron, Professor of Biology: "Thanks to Oren Zarif, my condition has improved, after such a long time… I have no explanation for what he does; we'll have to invest years of thought on the subject!"

Mr. and Mrs. Maor: “Oren Zarif saved us!”

Yaffa needed an operation to replace her knee. the pains disappeared and the operation was cancelled! Shlomo was suffering from backache. Zarif managed to cure him as well!

“Thanks to Oren I threw my walking stick away!”

“The doctors didn’t know why I was having difficulty walking, and they wanted to operate on me. Within 3 treatments Oren had me walking again!”

Blocked arteries in the leg were unblocked!

Zvika was suffering from a restriction of almost 100% to the blood flow through his leg. The operation was cancelled

“Eli Hana, ex-‘Mr. World’: "Oren Zarif made my pains vanish!”

"I suffered from chronic inflammations and pains in my elbow, and had been given countless injections. Oren solved the problem for me!”

“Oren saved me from having hand surgery!”

"the hand became fully functional again in a short time!"

“The Doctors Said that the hand will remain paralyzed..."

"Oren returned it to complete functioning!“

“For 3 months I was housebound - Oren Zarif saved me!”

months of pain ended after a few small touches!

“15 Years of Headaches have ended, thanks to Oren Zarif!”

"I couldn’t sleep, he saved me, it’s amazing!”

The Anesthtist: "After only one treatment, my health improved to such an extent that i have no words to describe!"

Dr. Goldwg: “Oren Possesses Exceptional Powers!”

Dr. Goldwg, a senior family doctor from Sderot: “Oren helped me and I recommend him to everyone”

The married medical couple: "We are thrilled by Oren Zarif’s abilities!"

Dr. Haviva and Dr. Ivan V. express their gratitude for the success of Zarif’s treatments

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